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The Hourglass, an exquisite temporal artifact forged by aTime Warden, wrapped in pristine crystal and brimming with the luminescent sands of the Timeless Desert, bestows upon its bearers the extraordinary capacity to manifest $BIGTIME. Wield it with prudence and uncover its power to alter the currency of existence itself.


Price history chart
#PriceFromLast SaleTimeRemaining
21438$142.99--20Buy on Open Loot
55260$166.99--0.00Buy on Open Loot
28147$340--2380.10Buy on Open Loot
199077$150.79--129.55Buy on Open Loot
72940$250--0.00Buy on Open Loot
180571$400--2160Buy on Open Loot
120082$250--715.59Buy on Open Loot
43754$146.98--10Buy on Open Loot
129027$168--0.00Buy on Open Loot
90692$168--0.00Buy on Open Loot

The 10 most recent sale transactions between users

Issue #Price $FromToDate
167259$158.95Lirojake3312/7/2023, 10:31:36 PM
175269$159KuWeipjake3312/7/2023, 10:31:36 PM
40948$158.95Lirojake3312/7/2023, 10:31:36 PM
9320$159MORIESjake3312/7/2023, 10:31:36 PM
174429$158Matts90DePiedra12/7/2023, 10:27:52 PM
69692$360kornikIlluvete12/7/2023, 10:01:43 PM
175624$165Datanjilepo12/7/2023, 9:54:16 PM
9608$158KuWeipjacobbc12/7/2023, 9:46:06 PM
45998$364jacobbcxuxu12312/7/2023, 9:26:28 PM
24075$159.98TuneDanyelle12/7/2023, 9:24:25 PM
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