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The Galant Knight


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Title of Sir Galahad known as the Galant Knight.




Price history chart
#PriceFromLast Sale
2890$4.5--Buy on Open Loot
145$4--Buy on Open Loot
1015$7--Buy on Open Loot
2212$6.38--Buy on Open Loot
2909$6.36--Buy on Open Loot
2097$6.45--Buy on Open Loot
1937$3.2--Buy on Open Loot
1874$4.99--Buy on Open Loot
2596$6.35--Buy on Open Loot
2127$6.39--Buy on Open Loot

The 10 most recent sale transactions between users

Issue #Price $FromToDate
1123$2.95Blockchainpirate11fantas12/7/2023, 9:33:44 AM
1161$3Younfantas12/7/2023, 9:33:44 AM
1516$3.14ChiruFingolfin1112/6/2023, 11:36:05 PM
2239$3.19cetinsasnightknyt12/6/2023, 8:16:47 PM
497$2.8loganthegreatfantas12/6/2023, 1:15:11 PM
1361$3.1Joejooj8k99912/6/2023, 1:08:21 PM
1367$3SimplyKauliaris12/6/2023, 11:23:06 AM
1774$3FreeChrisWufantas12/6/2023, 8:46:50 AM
1016$3mmjdttfantas12/6/2023, 8:46:50 AM
983$3Uppityyfantas12/6/2023, 8:46:50 AM
Dagger of Sir Galahad
Battle Blade of Sir Galahad
Battle Axe of Sir Galahad
War Hammer of Sir Galahad
Battle Staff of Sir Galahad
Great Sword of Sir Galahad
The Galant Knight

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